Watch A Pod of Orcas Stalk, Attack, and Feast on A Tiger Shark

They don't call them killer whales for nothing. In this gorgeous footage from filmmaker Edwar Herreño, a pod of six orcas make a meal out of a tiger shark in the waters off Costa Rica.


Herreño isn't just a photographer and filmmaker, he's also a marine biologist. His work has appeared on CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and BBC. He's also a yacht captain and SCUBA instructor.

For those interested, he shoots with a Nikon D300 in a Sea & Sea housing, using Sea & Sea 250 strobes and a Sony FX1 in a Gates Housing. You know the drill: expand to full screen, turn on your speakers, etc. Check out more of his work on his website.

(h/t WhySharksMatter)




I know I'm anthromorphizing, but that poor shark looked confused there. Were they dragging it down to drown it, or were they just toying with their meal a while? Because one of them could've just chomped the shark in two and been done with it.

Orcas can be real assholes, I guess.