Government Report: Military Drone Pilots Don't Get Enough Training

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The U.S military is increasingly making use of drones rather than manned aircraft. But a new report from the Government Accountability Office suggest that many drone pilots don’t get enough training.


The report suggests that pilots in both the Air Force and Army struggle to keep their flight training up-to-date. It explains that “most pilots in certain Army units did not complete fundamental training tasks in fiscal year 2014,” while just “35 percent of [surveyed Air Force] pilots... completed the training for all of their required missions.”

Indeed, the report explains that training can’t happen because there’s a shortage of UAS pilots to provide it. And while those operators do clock up enough hours to keep their skills current, their experience is limited largely to flying missions rather than practicing. Those that should be getting trained often find themselves performing more menial duties instead—perhaps on guard duty, for instance.


As a result, the report claims that the Air Force has just 85 percent of the qualified pilots it requires to in order be effective. Fortunately, both Air Force and Army are “taking actions to increase the number of instructors”—but in doing so, the Army’s also lowered the level of experience required to teach. For now, then, “pilots may not be receiving the highest caliber of training needed to prepare them to successfully perform UAS missions.” Let’s hope that changes pretty soon. [Government Accountability Office via Washington Post via Engadget]

Image by US Air Force under Creative Commons license

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Hopefully when Obama leaves office proper training in the military, secret service, and government IT departments will return to normal. Anyone else notice how many huge mistakes failures and lapses in training have become common place since the self absorbed douche took over. But when your spending all are money and effort flooding the country with illegal aliens getting queers married and shutting down industries to get more people on welfare I guess the turd is just to busy to properly fund training for anything you know important.