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This is a reminder for you folks beginning work on those dreaded taxes. If you recall, nearly a year ago, I told you about the "federal excise tax." This was a tax that Teddy Roosevelt implemented on telephone usage that was still being assessed as of late. The initial purpose of the tax was to help fund the Spanish-American War (which has been over for a while, if I recall).


The government has stepped in and is going to offer a telephone tax refund to compensate for these 108 years of unnecessary taxation. Anyone who has paid taxes on a landline, wireless or VoIP phone service qualifies. The refund can be filed on the 2006 federal income tax return and will give up to $60 back. Up to $60 isn't much for 108 years of a 3-percent tax on every phone bill, but free money is free money. There are a lot of specifics about the refund, so hit up the FAQ below to get the whole scoop. Thanks, Dale Higgs

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