Grad Student Builds Real Robot Friend From Scraps

UPDATED WITH VIDEO!When Cartman donned the Awesom-O 3000 suit and convinced Butters he had a robot friend, I thought that nothing that pathetic could happen in real life. I was wrong.

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A grad student at the International Islamic University in Chittagong, Bangladesh has been designing this goofy-looking best friend out of scraps he from auto shops, junkyards and electronics stores. He wants to sell his "IRobo" commercially for $1,000 a pop, to perform manual labor such as picking up objects and mopping floors. He even claims to be discussing production with an Australian software company.

My guess, though, is that it's just a matter of time before a person jumps out of the suit. Wanna know what tipped me off? The red helmet. Robots don't need helmets. Everyone knows a robot's brain is in his chest, in place of a heart. [Reuters]

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Is this guy an idiot or a genius? I can't decide. Building a bot out of car parts and junk (smart) with the goal of selling for $1 thousand each (idiot).