Graffiti Research Lab Draws Rude Things on Buildings

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The Graffiti Research Lab has been to Spain for its holidays. Packing their Mobile Broadcast Unit—nice, isn't it?—the crew headed off to Barcelona for OFFF, the International Festival for Post-Digital Creation Culture, and this is what they did, Art Terrorists that they are.


It seems they need to get right up close to their targets—while it works at MACBA, the city's modern art gallery, their assault on El Corte Ingles was diluted somewhat, as they were parked on the other side of Plaza Catalunya to the megalithic department store (the ugliest building in the city, IMHO).

Beats, Breaks and Good Times were had by all until the arrival of a bunch of short, fat men in uniform—sadly, not a squadron of catalonian stripograms—put paid to their fun. See how the GRL get their revenge at the end of the vid.

Bombing @ El Corte Ingles [You Tube]

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FYI - these guys are from NYC where this style of graffiti is completely legal.

Their best video is when they went up against an advertising crew projecting a perrier ad on a wall. The whole thing is set to the Doogie Howser theme song.