Great News: An Andrew Niccol Script Replaces I Am Legend Prequel

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We've been dreading the mooted I Am Legend prequel reteaming Will Smith and director Francis Lawrence. So we're delighted to hear the duo are instead working on a fantastical movie with a script by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Truman Show).


According to The Hollywood Reporter, The City That Sailed

follows a New York City street magician whose daughter, because of family circumstances, lives in England. In exploring a lighthouse one day, the girl discovers a room with magic candles and wishes to be reunited with her father, causing the island of Manhattan to break away and drift across the Pond.

It sounds much, much more interesting than finding out exactly how things got messed up in the run-up to I Am Legend. Of course, this being Hollywood, Lawrence can't simply film an Andrew Niccol script and have done with it — instead, says Variety, the script is being rewritten by Oceans Thirteen writers Brian Koppleman and David Levien. But even a dumbed down Niccol story sounds much, much better than I Was Legend Before I Was Legend. The film may not be their next project, since Lawrence is also talking about directing Water For Elephants, the adaptation of the Depression-era circus novel, with Reese Witherspoon starring.

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I'm guessing the family circumstance that's keeping them apart is that he's a freaking street magician.