Great News: No All-New 3D Star Wars

The rumor is that the greedy all-you-can-sell-and-eat alien entity known in Earth as George Lucas was preparing a new trilogy, all filmed in 3D digital. You can rejoice now, for there won't be any new Star Wars movie in 3D:

It wasn't a news item. It was something that somebody made up. It's totally, totally ignorant and stupid, and even the people who picked it up and spread it along, said there's no way this can be true. And of course there's no way it can be true. You shouldn't believe what you read on the internet. Take everything with a big grain of salt.


That's what Lucasfilm's Head of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet says about those rumors. The only 3D Star Wars movies you will see are the classic trilogy and those three shameful accidents also known as the "prequels."

Or maybe Steve here is just trying a Jedi mind trick on us. Here's hoping he is not lying. [Movie Geek Squad via io9]


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