Green Holiday Project: Make a Computer Box Reindeer

Illustration for article titled Green Holiday Project: Make a Computer Box Reindeer

If you get a new computer for Christmas, you're probably SOL on timing, since it'll be about time to pack up the holiday fa-la-la-la junk, but you could always make a computer box deer to shoot in your backyard, especially if you hate your computer company.

The reindeer's admittedly square, squat and deflicted, but you could slender it up by using a different style of box, and if you have a small child they'll probably get a kick out of it anyway because they usually love boxes. Actually, I still love playing with boxes, it's half the reason I get excited when Fedex shows up at my door. [Instructables]

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How is this "green". The box would have made a great, well, box, before I butchered it into something that looks vaguely like a reindeer.