Gremlins 2, Modernized by Uber Fan with Uber Props

I haven't rewatched it since childhood, but my vague recollections of Gremlins 2 strained through my modern brain's taste filter bring me to the conclusion that the film might not be the Oscar-candidate I once thought. But there was one scene that was very memorable all the same. It's when the film breaks in the middle of the movie and gremlins take over the projection booth (where they injected themselves into various films). On VHS, the sequence was altered as a tape breaking with a similar outcome. Now, one highly talented fan updated the whole sequence for today's VOD technology with completely new clips. It's not just some fanboy creation; this is the work of a very talented special effects professional. And once you watch that first clip, the making of is even better:

The sequence was assembled by one guy who operated each puppet by hand and completed the project for $3,000. But...wouldn't a YouTube version have been more fitting? [via bbGadgets]


Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

That was very cleverly done! The Batman clips were the only ones that really showed how much they were being put in, even though when Indy gets down, it's a bit clear they're not supposed to be there. And I wish they had the guy that did the original voices around, since it just breaks the feeling with his voice. Guy's got a great sense of humor, though. Makes me almost think they should try a whack at a new Gremlins movie, but it could just be how amused I was of this.