Gremlins 3D Rumors Make Us Fear The Rise of A CG Gizmo

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There have been whispers about Joe Dante's Gremlins 3 for years. But the latest rumor seems to hint that if Gremlins comes back, it may be released in 3-D. Could that mean CG Gremlins?

There's been so much chatter about Dante's Gremlins 3 masterpiece. Will he make it, would it have puppets instead of CG and is there a market for these 1980s characters? In fact Dante has even said he's not sure if he wants Gremlins to be lumped in with the excess of remakes in today's Hollywood.


But the latest news via MartketSaw claims that Gremlins is indeed coming back, with Joe Dante, and in 3-D. Apparently, this is all thanks to the Hollywood remake fever that Dante was previously deploring to the press, so let's take this with a gigantic grain of salt. After all MarketSaw was the site that claimed there'dbe a whole new Star Wars trilogy thanks to Avatar.

Are we happy about the rumored return of the Gremlins? Yes and no. We truly enjoy Dante's work and would love to see more films from him as soon as possible. But — and this is a big but — we have zero desire to see a CG or mo-cap Gremlins. Part of the charm was that they are puppets. And bringing them back in this day and age, you can almost count on each creature being made on a computer. So we're for the return of Gremlins, if and only if it's entirely puppet-made.