Grooveshark Will Soon Be Destroyed

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Remember Grooveshark, the magical website that let you stream any song you wanted, in high quality, for free? Did you ever wonder how such a thing managed to avoid legal annihilation? Trick question! It hasn't. Its lawsuit death is here.


The Next Web's Drew Olanoff reports Universal is suing Grooveshark for illegally uploading tracks—at $150,000 a track. That's a lot per track. Also, there are a ton of them—Grooveshark's chief is accused of uploading 1,971 songs of alone—so Grooveshark potentially owes around $15 billion. Grooveshark does not have $15 billion. Grooveshark would be lucky to even afford the lawyer fees to go up against Universal. And so, it's almost certain that they'll shut down, at the very, very least. Goodbye Grooveshark—if it seemed like you were too good to be true, it's because you were. I'm just shocked it took years to happen. [TNW]

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So what's to stop Grooveshark from moving to a copyright-less country? I'm just saying. Move the business to China or something and done.