Gross, Here Are 5 Toxic Chemicals in Your Food

You know what I hate about eating? The constant conversation on whether this food is good for you or bad for you. It seems to change everyday! New reports say this will cause cancer. Other reports say the same thing can prevent it. Even awful food that contains arsenic and other toxic chemicals can be somehow reasoned to be not as bad for you. This video by BuzzFeed shows you what's toxic inside the food you eat (birthday cake! chicken!) but how it isn't all that bad for you either. Let's just either eat what's delicious or not eat at all! [BuzzFeed Video]



"linked to brain cancer .... but conclusive research is elusive" - translation: quacks making up evidence. You know, I'm not against being wary of various chemicals added to our food and questioning the agencies meant to guarantee our foods safety. It's when I see/hear geeeeeniuses saying that stuff is "proven", and that there's "lots of evidence" etc without even comprehending what those statement mean (wouldn't surprise me if they didn't even know what a citation was). If you ask for evidence they won't provide it, and then if you pressure them they'll wander over to tin foil hat land and say that corporations/governments have a massive conspiracy to give us all cancer EXCEPT for them because THEY are smarter than EVERYONE (with their tin foil hats). I'm sorry for this rant, and I know I'm ruining my own position with emotionally loaded positions, but it's just painful, literally painful to see armchair professors spreading what can only be described as a cult (with 0% focus on evidence, due process, and basic fucking logic).