GroupMe, Our Favorite Group Chat App Ever, Is Now Better

We love GroupMe. We use it almost daily. It's our favorite way of avoiding SMS, coordinating the team, braving CES, and exchanging childish jokes. Today, a new version drops, and it's bigger and prettier than ever.


The emphasis in GroupMe 4.0 is clearly to look more like Facebook and Pinterest, and everything else that's Internet Cool. So there's a definite graphical overhaul. That's fine. But there are some nice new features to use with your clique: you can rejoin any group you've previously left, share group chats with a permanent URL, and tap anyone's avatar to jump straight into privat messaging.

But it really does look pretty.

Photos and avatars are huge, chat streams are simplified and clean, and there's a newsfeed to catch up on group messages you've missed.


It's also available on iPad, too, meaning that between iMessage and this, you've got one very nice mobile messaging command center in your bag at all times.



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