Guess How Many Explosions Are In The First Transformers Movie?

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Go on, guess! And then watch Dylan Browne's supercut, which counts out exactly how many times things blow up, large or small, in the first installment of Michael Bay's Transformers franchise. Here's a hint — the movie is 144 minutes long, and don't bother guessing less than that.

Yes, there are 208 explosions featured in the film, or 1.444 explosions per minute in the 2007 Transformers movie, which... doesn't surprise me as much as I thought it would, actually. It just makes me kind of tired and sad. It also makes me wonder how Bay found the time to insert such cinematic delights as a robot pissing on John Turturro.


By the way, Dylan Browne is the one also counted all the lens flares in J.J. Abrams' two Trek movies last week. Thank you, sir — you're truly doing the Nerd Lord's work.

[Via /Film]