Guess What the One App on Trump’s Phone Is

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Go on, guess.

Did you guess Pokémon GO? FaceApp? Elevate (Brain Training and Games)? No, you didn’t, because you know exactly what it is.


It’s Twitter. Of course it’s fucking Twitter.

Axios’ Mike Allen reports this morning that Trump currently uses an iPhone equipped only with the public meltdown app. He probably doesn’t have a jailbroken device devoid of Apple’s useless bloatware, so we’ll assume that the president also has access to unopened “Wallet” and “Health” apps and shit.


Allen also reports that Trump’s staff is working hard to limit his time with both his precious TV and his fav app:

Trump himself has been pushing staff to give him more free time. But staff does everything it can to load up his schedule to keep him from getting worked up watching cable coverage, which often precipitates his tweets. It has worked well overseas so far.

Trump staffers, if you’re reading this, might I suggest downloading Plants Vs. Zombies for him? It’s fun, great for killing time, and much better for his fragile psyche than cable news. I would recommend downloading a book or something, but at this stage this is probably the best we can hope for.

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Lady Commentariat

More free time? He’s already taking more vacations since being sworn in than most people in this country have in the last two years I’d wager.