Guide to Replacing Your MacBook Pro's Hard Drive

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Aside from the obvious storage bump, there are plenty of reasons why you'd wanna upgrade your MacBook Pro's hard drive. The guys at ExtremeTech have come up with a hand-holding guide for replacing your MBP's 5,400rpm HDD for a new 7,200rpm drive, which will give you a noticeably faster MBP. There's a lot of unscrewing involved, so you'll need a Phillips-head screwdriver and a T-6 screwdriver before you begin. Like the other HDD upgrade guides we've seen, this one is worth a read, even if you're the queasy type.


Upgrade Your MacBook Pro's Hard Drive [ExtremeTech]


Apple seems to go back-and-forth about this every couple of generations (of laptop formats). The 5300's were a biaotch, but the Pismo was cake. The Titaniums were no picnic; but the iBooks and G4 12" (I have no experience on the larger sizes, too much to carry) were pretty easy; no instructions required.

There are a couple of certified techs at my 'day job' that often have whined about Apple laptops being incredibly difficult (actually, quite a few expletives were brought to bear) compared to several other brands — but I tend to not learn about a particular model until it's out of it's four-year warranty (I never go without).

So for the day, I'm feeling pretty smug that I went with a MacBook instead of a MacBook Pro... (I get better wireless with it's plastic case in my neck of the woods, and am actually waiting on Apple to come out with something SMALLER so it's easier to keep with me 24/7).