I have updated the Virginia Tech death toll on our first post several times, and although, like some of you have posted, it is hard to imagine a killer with that kind of sick drive, the numbers themselves tend to lose their meaning. The sense of fear and realism became more clear when I saw footage shot by a student, Jamal Albarghouti, using his Nokia N70, posted by CNN.


Today anti-videogame activist Jack Thompson reportedly blamed the killer's motivation on videogames. We stand by our friends at Kotaku, and say that there is no place in this senseless tragedy for these kinds of frivolous, baseless accusations, let alone such shameless self-aggrandizement.


It is tough to cover such an awful episode, but the outpouring of emotion that we witnessed on the first post proves that we must, if only to provide the opportunity for people who are touched by this, near or far, to share their sympathies and concerns or find some sort of consolation.

(Above image via Boing Boing via CollegiateTimes.com)

VA Tech massacre [Boing Boing]


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