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Guy jumps off a building, slides down a roof and lands on stairs for fun

Ethan Swanson, the lunatic making this ridiculous roof jump, is a professional stunt man, so he sees life differently than the rest of us. Where normal humans see buildings and houses and stairs, Swanson sees a playground. This jump, which starts from the top of a building and ends on stairs, is just epic.


I love how Swanson walks away like it wasn't a big deal.

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Professional stunt people gets paid close to crap... yet the stunts they do for entertainment can't have a price placed on it... most people will say what they do (outside of movies) is stupid, but if not for stuntsmen / stuntswomen of the world, there wouldn't be entertaining movies; especially action movies... not unless the actors and actresses themselves perform their own stunts... now that's a different story.