Illustration for article titled Guy Tries To Destroy Evidence—A Flash Drive—By Swallowing It

You've been skimming credit cards and the cops know—they've already executed a search warrant and found a flash drive full of evidence against you. If you're Florin Necula, this means that it's time to swallow.


After being arrested, Necula decided that it was a good idea to snatch up one of the pieces of evidence against him, shove it into his mouth, and swallow. Hard. Youch.

Not only will the poor guy probably wind up in jail with a tummy ache, but he's being charged with obstruction of justice because of his attempt to destroy evidence. [Smoking Gun via The Loop via Jim Dalrymple]

The X-Ray pictured obviously isn't this guy's. It's of some dog who swallowed a fork instead of a flash drive and was found at Mental Floss

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