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Guy Who Uses Stun Gun on Son to Toughen Him Up Jailed, Unsurprisingly

Illustration for article titled Guy Who Uses Stun Gun on Son to Toughen Him Up Jailed, Unsurprisingly

The father of an 18-month-old child is off to jail for four years after being found guilty of using a stun gun on the boy. His reason for using the 100,000-volt Dragonfire, which resulted in muscle damage to the kid's heart, was because he wanted his son to be "the toughest cage fighter ever." Yeah, the toughest heart-damaged, cage-fighting 18-month-old ever.


According to the Deputy DA in Portland, Ryan Wittman had made comments to witnesses saying he wanted his child "to be tough." When first questioned, the dad's genius response was to say that the two of them had been "playing peekaboo." Hmm, that'll be the special version of kilovolt peekaboo we've never heard of, then.

The 100,000-volt weapon Wittman used is, apparently, more powerful than police tasers. Wittman's excuse for the incidents? Arguments with his wife. It took just 20 minutes for the court to decide that Wittman should be sent down for four years. [CNN]

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Yeah, sure, this guy did heart damage to his child by tazing him, which is awful.

So why do we assume that police doing this is:

1. okay?

2. harmless?