Hacker Group Names, Ranked

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You may have recently heard about Lizard Squad, the hacker group that ruined Christmas for so many gamers. But you may be thinking to yourself, Lizard Squad is a really dumb name. And you'd be correct. Below, a list of hacker group names, from lamest to coolest.


10. Goatse Security

9. Guardians of Peace

8. Lizard Squad

7. TeslaTeam

6. TeaMp0isoN

5. LulzSec

4. Anonymous

3. Chaos Computer Club

2. Honker Union

1. Cult of the Dead Cow

Groups that didn't give themselves a name weren't eligible for the list, like Deep Panda, a group of Chinese hackers named by a web security firm. Admittedly, Deep Panda would be a pretty cool name for a screamcore band.


If I missed any really cool hacker group names, let me know in the comments. But don't bother because I didn't.

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Kate Knibbs

"Lizard Squad" is a fantastic hacking group name and you are wrong.

  • It's fun to say out loud, with points for pleasing assonance, plus it's a bit of a slant rhyme.
  • Lizards are nimble and capable of manoeuvring themselves into places they don't belong. Just like hackers!
  • "Squad" is truly one of the best ways to refer to a collection of people. Much better than Clan or Team or Group.
  • The imagery it conjures, that of a squirming gaggle of little pests, is both appropriate and vivid.