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Hackers Have Seized 38 Million Adobe Customer Records

Illustration for article titled Hackers Have Seized 38 Million Adobe Customer Records

At the start of October, Adobe quietly explained that hackers had acquired data from 3 million of its customers' accounts. Now, it's admitted that that the number is actually in excess of 38 million.


Adobe has admitted that hackers have snatched over 38 million Adobe IDs and encrypted passwords, along with credit card information, reports Reuters. Adobe spokeswoman Heather Edell told Reuters that the company believes the attackers obtained access to "many invalid Adobe IDs, inactive Adobe IDs, Adobe IDs with invalid encrypted passwords and test account data."

But that neatly squirms out of the fact that many customers will have had authentic details snatched, too. While it's a relief that the passwords were encrypted, it's no guarantee that the data is of no use to the hackers—signalled by the fact that Adobe has sent out a warning email to affected customers. If you get that email, better switch up your password real quick.


Adobe claims to be looking into the hack, explaining that the "full investigation will take some time to complete." [Reuters]

Image by midiman under Creative Commons license

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Greg the Mad

On Reddit I also read that they sized the full source-code of Photoshop (don't know which version). My first impulse was:

"Great, Gimp gets an upgrade."