Hackers Steal Sony's Unreleased Michael Jackson Back Catalog

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Sony has had a rough time being hacked in the past. But now hackers have reportedly downloaded their Michael Jackson back catalog, consisting of 50,000 tracks, many of which have never been released.


The back catalog, which Sony purchased from Jackson's estate last year for $250 million, appears to have been stolen last spring around the time PlayStation Network was also compromised, reports Paid Content. Sony only officially announced the problem on Saturday.

It's unclear how much of the rare material— including a collaboration with will.i.am—has leaked onto the Internet since the compromise. [Paid Content; Image: AP]



I assume that this isn't 50,000 songs, but could be 1000 songs. Just maybe different takes. Him messing around. Maybe instrument tracks. Might not be all original. Could be only 50 new songs and him singing his old stuff or covers.