Hackers Stick Mango on the HD2 and Microsoft's Totally OK With It

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It looks like Microsoft's keeping its living-and-let-live stance as hackers actually give the aging HD2 some much-deserved love. XDA-Developers member backslashid posted the above video showing Mango Beta 1 running on the device. Microsoft pretty much said go for it!

While MS has no plans on making Mango officially available for Windows Phone 6.5 phones, they're fine with the recent development:

"We say tinker away with Mango and enjoy the juice," Microsoft spokesman Bill Cox said in a statement to AllThingsD. "But beware the fine print - unlocking phones may void your warranty."


And heaven knows the HD2 deserved more than it got. This is life being breathed into squandered hardware. [AllThingsD]