Hacoa Keyboard Is Wood of Your Own Making

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As Giz readers know, a Japanese lacquerware company currently builds $435 wooden computer keyboards, ones that Jesus compared to the unit of the mighty Gandalf himself. Demand, as you might imagine, now exceeds supply. So now manufacturer Hacoa is introducing a do-it-yourself alternative called Ki-Board DIY Kit.

The product name is actually a play on words: ki means "tree" or "wood" in Japanese. Keys will be pre-carved into thin sheets of finished walnut or maple. You would cut out each key, and affix it to the USB keyboard base. Connectors, a saw and some sandpaper will be provided in the kit.


So how much will you save by doing your own woodwork? About $135, as the new set will sell for $300. Still a little high to me, but if you want to take the plunge, the monoDO website will be selling them later in the month. [Pink Tentacle]

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But then you can customize it before you put it together.