Handmade Bamboo Death Star Looks Better Than the Real Thing

Even woodworkers celebrate Star Wars day. For Frank Howarth, the project was obvious: construct a wooden Death Star.


Howarth is best known for his wood-turning videos, where he makes beautiful segmented bowls on his lathe. Using those skills he essentially made two bowls and conjoined them to make a very beautiful space battle station. The unusual grain of bamboo even has a similar texture to the blocky exterior of the Death Star model.

It’s not just ten minutes of a guy standing in front of wood though. Frank is adept at stop motion and VFX. There’s an R2D2-style hologram model, a recreation of the iconic flyover shot intro, and even a short trench run near the end. Don’t worry, he doesn’t blow up his handiwork.


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Apparently you missed the part where the real Death Star can destroy a planet.