Handmade Leather Case Turns Your e-Reader Into a Neverending Story of Your Own

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It doesn't get much airtime these days, so if you're too young to have experienced 1984's The Neverending Story, you need to remedy that ASAP so you can understand why this handmade e-reader and tablet case is so awesome.

There's also a certain meta quality to the case, since like the fantasy book in the film, e-Readers and tablets can provide a never-ending supply of stories and adventures. But let's not get too philosophical here.

Made from leather, suede, and screen-accurate adornments, the case provides a stylish way to protect your device with a dash of nostalgia. Starting at $56 it's available for the Kindle, Nook, Kindle Fire, Galaxy and even the larger iPads for a few extra bucks. And if you haven't seen the film and this case hasn't piqued your curiosity, I'm sure Limahl's amazing theme song will be enough to convince you to hunt it down. [Etsy via Fancy]