Hands On: The Digital Gibson Les Paul

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As I was wandering past a group of goth kids playing some violent video game at Digital Life, I noticed an Intel booth with a cool blue Gibson Les Paul. A gentleman was demoing the new Digital Gibson Les Paul with Sonar 5. In addition to a standard 1/4" guitar jack, the Les Paul features a special ethernet jack where you plug the guitar into a special box. The box then converts the guitar signal to a digital signal allowing complete control over each string. I started to play some Police and Rush songs and they sounded incredible. Each string was hooked up to a seperate channel which was connected to a seperate speaker per channel. The speakers were set up around in like a circle so I was totally zoning out to my own guitar playing. The amount of effects that are possible are incredible as well. I was told the guitar will be available to the general public in about 8 weeks, but I suspect around the beginning of 2006, which is well worth the wait.


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