Hands On the Pioneer S-A4SPT-PM Whiskey Barrel Speakers

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CNet reviews a set of Pioneer's S-A4SPT-PM speakers, the first Whiskey-filled speakers to be sold in the US. What? They're not filled with whiskey? Oh, that's totally boring.

We'd initially written them off as a parlour trick. But Cnet recommends them in a bedroom or den, and gives em an 8 outta 10 because...


Speaker cabinets are usually made from cheap fiberboard, basically sawdust and glue. A single pair of these Pioneers are crafted from a solid oak, 50-year old whisky barrel, which resonates with a more mellow tone. The cost? Only $600 a pair. The electrics inside include a 4-inch woven fiber cone woofer and a 1 inch soft dome type tweeter. In my opinion, those soft driver parts could also account for the mellow sound quality these speakers produce.

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