Hands-On With Mogo Talk For iPhone

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Newton Peripherals, who make the Mogo line of accessories that pack something tiny into some equally tiny space, is releasing its iPhone Bluetooth version soon. And yes, it's a Bluetooth headset that docks into your iPhone (case).

Crunchgear got their hands on it in June, but this version, closer to release, seems like it's been refined and cleaned up for a Christmas-time launch.


The docking mechanism works by first latching another iPhone back onto your 3G or 3GS. There's a hole in the back for the Bluetooth unit, as is the thought process for other Mogo units. To remove the headset, push down on the left side and it pops out. To charge, pop up the charging port on the bottom and plug in a microUSB charger.

This is one thing we'd like to see changed so that the headset can charge directly from the iPhone's power supply so that it's always juiced up. It would reduce battery life, but if you're always on your Bluetooth headset anyway, it'd be super useful. And, if they could build a battery pack into the unit, that would solve two problems at once.


As for the performance, it's actually surprisingly good. The wife said I sounded as good on this tiny sliver of a headset as I did on larger ones, and I could hear her just fine as well, even though she was at a gas station. One tricky part was to make sure the ear padding is oriented the correct direction. If you flip it around, the headset falls off easily.

Whether or not the Mogo Talk for iPhone is worth $130 is up to how much you talk on your phone. I, for one, love the fact that I can now always have a Bluetooth headset with me, but the problem of always keeping it charged (especially with the need for separate microUSB charging) still remains. As much as having to use a Bluetooth headset is a hassle, I don't want to get ticketed for talking on the phone while driving, so using the Mogo Talk would make the whole thing less of a pain. [Newton Peripherals]