Hanvon's Ereader Uses a Color E-Ink Display, and Will Be the First to Go on Sale

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The same Chinese company that took hammers to an apple-shaped ice-sculpture is claiming they have the first color ereader using e-ink, due in China in March. Bet the battery life's far greater than the color Nook's, which uses an LCD.

Hanvon's ereader has a 9.6-inch e-ink display, and will go on sale in March for the equivalent of $440 in Chinese money—a bit less than what the iPad sells for there. "It's possible that we'll sell this in the US as well," Hanvon's chairman told the NY Times, but with Barnes & Noble's color Nook expected to be $250 when it hits shops later this month, I know which one I'd choose. [NY Times]