Happy 25th Birthday, Mac. Now Isn't It About Time You Settled Down?

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Apple's Mac line celebrates its 25th birthday today: the original Macintosh was released back on January 24th, 1984. It's been a bumpy road, but it made it. And we're glad.


The first Macintosh, now usually called the Macintosh 128k, was an inauspicious beginning for one of the most exciting companies in the industry. It was expensive and underpowered for the time, and its novel mouse-driven interface was unpopular with techies. But the Mac is a survivor, developing and changing through the years, taking the first dip into the water of portability and later making waves with innovative design and remarkable success while other lines have folded or moved on to other ventures.

Back in the day, Steve Jobs was just as much a showman as he's been in the years since. He's half nerd and half P.T. Barnum. Here's the event at which he first unveiled the Macintosh.

Even if you're not a Mac user, and I'm not, the Mac has inarguably helped the industry as a whole. Personal computing wouldn't be where it is without it. So go wild, commenters. Reminisce. And wish the Mac a happy birthday. [AppleInsider]


Wow. I thought Steve picked up all that charisma and RDF powers over the years, but man, he had it all from the get go. I mean, who else can make a crowd cheer by whipping out a 3.5in floppy, even if it's 1984 we're talking about? I really wish him good health. We need him. The haters to bash on him, worshipers to worship him ;-)