Hard Drive Crusher: How Much Would You Spend to Secure Your Data?

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We all know that sensitive data left on a discarded hard drive can be a security risk, but would you be willing to drop upwards of $11,500 on a machine that ensures its destruction? EDR's Hard Disk Crusher gets down and dirty by drilling through the hard drives' spindles/rippling the platters to make data recovery impossible. The device runs off a standard 110V outlet, but if you are ever caught in a disk-destroying emergency and the power goes out, just bust out the optional $895 hand pump accessory and keep on crushin' in the dark.


According to the product page, the Hard Disk crusher can dispose of a drive in about 10 seconds or about 60 disks in an hour (fuzzy math). So my guess is that this device is aimed at large commercial organizations or military operations. You know, the kinds of businesses with lots of sensitive data that don't mind wasting a crapload of money on a device like this. Speaking of that, a warranty extension on this bad boy will run you an extra $995 per year. What a bargain. [EDR via Gearlog via OhGizmo]



I work in a repair shop and we see a lot of Macs and Windows machines with dead HD's. We will recover what data we can, and cheerfully return the drive to the customer, if they choose. However, we guarantee we will safely dispose of any data that may be left on drives if they want.

We wait until we have a dozen or so drives, then take them to the gun club and use them as targets for the whole gang. Each drive gets hit by about 100 rounds of various rifle/handgun ammo. We have also been known to throw them up for use as trap shooting targets.

Then, the owner of the local recycling facility takes the remains and bundles the remnants up with all. the other recyclables to be melted down.

We have never had a customer complain about our method of data destruction.

Beer and guns. Data destruction at it's most fun.