The harlequin suit is out, and the skirts are in, as Play Arts Kai’s Arkham Knight turns its attention away from cape-swooshing Batmen and introduces Harley Quinn’s latest look. And it seems like Square-Enix have also managed to put the plastic in “plastic surgery” a bit literally while they’re at it, too.

Based on Harley’s appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight, the six-inch scale figure comes with a variety of accessories — a baseball bat, a pistol, a variety of hands to hold said weaponry, even and alternate pissed-off head and bonus pig tails!


But the biggest addition Square-Enix have made to the character for her action figure is, err... her chest? Somehow they’ve gone from this from the game to almost sticking out at a 90 degree angle. It’s kind of silly, and distracts from what is otherwise a pretty cool figure of a great alternate design for the character.

But hey, at lest she looks like she’d be pretty pissed off if you kept getting distracted by her attire.


The Play Arts Kai Harley will be out in August this year, and will set you back $88. Commanding a higher price than the Dark Knight himself? That seems like a Harley Quinn sort of thing to do.

[via Toy News International]

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