Harmon Kardon brings its receivers into the 21st century with a group of four HDMI equipped and iPod-friendly systems. The higher-end AVR 347 ($999) and AVR 247 ($549) are packing 7.1 sound, while the lower priced at AVR 147 ($449) and AVR 146 ($349) crank out 5.1 sound and less power.

Harman Kardon makes it easier to incorporate your iPod into the system with its included "The Bridge" dock that works with all these receivers, a device that isn't exactly new but welcome nonetheless. The Bridge is highly capable, moving audio and video into the receiver, giving you acess to the player with the receiver's remote, and letting you see the iPod's menus on your TV screen.


Expect to see the four receivers shipping in April.

Harman Kardon Bridges the iPod Gap [Gearlog]

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