Harrison Ford says Han Solo wouldn't join the army in Ender's Game

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During the panel for Ender's Game, someone asked Harrison Ford if Han Solo would be a good soldier in Hyrum Graff's army — meaning the character he plays in the new movie. Ford said no, and here's why.


Ford told the audience: "Han Solo wouldn't be good as a soldier in anybody's army. He's what we call now an independent contractor."

And he explained what appealed to him about the role of Graff:

He's not Ender's mentor — he's Ender's manipulator. I was drawn to the complexity of the moral issues here — the complex moral issues involved in the military. This book that was written 28 years ago imagined a world which has become an everyday reality. The ability to wage war, removed from the battlefield, is one of the realities of our life now with drone warfare. This was unknown 28 years ago. But the issues of the manipulation of young people for their value as soldiers because of their special skills, motor-skill capacities [and] conceptual freedom — it's something that's really complex and interesting to me. And I was delighted to be involved in playing a character who was wrestling with these concerns and brought them to public consciousness.

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Han Solo the smuggler from A New Hope? Independent contractor.

But General Solo from Return of the Jedi? Was part of the Alliance operations staff, dude. That's like Han's main character arc.