Has Steve Ballmer Lost The Support Of Microsoft Employees?

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An unhappy side of Microsoft's corporate environment was potentially exposed in the comments of a blog post written by an unnamed employee. The post details the company's annual meeting and while the content is tame, some of the feedback is scathing.


Discovered by Seattle Pi, the comments suggest people were leaving the meeting in droves, unhappy with what they heard. Here are a few of the more "interesting" comments:

"What a sad spectacle. While SteveB was yacking away, people were leaving in droves. Back in the good old days when BillG spoke, EVERYONE listened."

"Steve, you've lost the support of your employees – when will you realize that you're holding this once great company back? Oh and BTW, you can take LB (HR chief Lisa Brummel) and KT (COO Kevin Turner) with you too. They like the taste of your Kool Aid…"

"Is Win 8 tablet all we have left to be excited about? Has the morale across the company slumped so much that 20,000 of us together can't even generate a decent applause? Please someone tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I've just got a bad attitude and I completely misread the meeting."

You can head over to Seattle Pi and the original blog post for the rest of the conversation. To be fair, these comments are only from a handful of people and could be from trolls wanting to stir things up, but as WinRumors points out, there have been other signs Microsoft may be due for a leadership change. [Mini-Microsoft via SeattlePi and WinRumors]


I'll bet you $100 Steve Sinofsky becomes CEO in the next couple of years.

Ballmer is not the guy you want leading MS into the future. Hes too much of a suit. You need someone who can command and excite his team and is more closely tied to the technological development of their products. You need not only a businessman but a tech expert who can shape a more unified vision for Microsoft. This is the main area in which Microsoft has failed when compared to Apple. Vision. Leadership.

Even though I love the microsoft products I own its clear to see that the company has lacked direction since Bill's departure. MS, if it wants to maintain dominance in the consumer space needs to be headed by someone who understands technology, understands consumer needs/wants, and has the imagination necessary to try new directions. Sinofsky is head of the Windows division. He's largely responsible for Windows 7, which has been a huge success, and Windows 8 which is a truly imaginitive, modern, unique product. Metro is an example of how Microsoft can reform its image. Microsoft just needs to be a "cooler" company. Ballmer is not cool.