Hasbro Reinvents the Viewmaster...With An iPhone

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Take one look at the new "My3D" from Hasbro and tell me that's not just a simple stereoscopic imager with a slot for an iPhone at the end—it's a Viewmaster with apps and augmented reality!

According to the AP, the new $30 kit will include apps that allow for 3D motion tracking. That means with newer iPhones and iPod Touches, not only with the images appear to be in 3D, they'll move around when you physically look in different areas. They'll be like binoculars to another world.

There's no reason they couldn't include images from the camera as well, letting you overlay what you're viewing with graphics, animations, etc. This could be a seriously fun toy.


Maybe that's what augmented reality has needed all along: a way to make it cheap (provided you have an iPhone) and for kids. [AP]