Hate That Cellphone? Throw It Away For Charity

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You're probably planning the rest of your summer round about now, so don't leave out the Seventh Annual Mobile Throwing World Championships, to be held in the UK and Savonlinna, Finland, too. The recycling and charity event will be held August 20, and will give you the thrill of throwing that cellphone as far as you can, giving you a feeling of freedom from always being available, always being managed by those who want you to work harder, more, and constantly. Yeah.

In addition to that, it would be a great thrill for me, because I can't stand the way my cellphone sounds, its lousy reception, its fat form factor, its constantly dropped calls and its ugly façade. It would only take the slightest provocation to resort to throwing it even without benefit of a sanctioned competition. I'm going. It's all for a recycling effort, anyway. Better to throw it in some Finnish stadium for charity than having it taking up space in a drawer somewhere. Just so you know, the current world record is 94.97 meters.

Info Page [Mobile Phone Throwing Championships, via Textually.org]