Have Fun Watching This Video of People Dancing in Movies from the 80's

The week is half over so it’s about time to start getting loose for a summer weekend and watching this 80's movie mashup of people dancing by Robert Jones is just how you want to do it. If you’re old enough to remember watching these movies, awesome, because it’ll encourage you to bathe in nostalgia and watch them all again (or frustrate you because you can’t remember what movie some scenes are from).


If you’re not old enough to remember watching these movies, yeah, I know, that’s what so and so used to look like. I can’t believe it either.



4 minutes? tl;dd.

but for serious - people of the 90's and whatever you call the decades of the 2000's, i hope filmmakers made and are making these types of memories for you and your time, because as a child of the 80's, this video and the memories it evokes are pure unadulterated soulcrack.