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HBO Teases Game of Thrones' Worst Kept Secret in a New Poster

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is a spoiler alert. So is this. And this. This makes four spoiler alerts. Seriously, by clicking on this article, you acknowledge that you understand the risks herein, okay? No one is allowed to complain about being spoiled.

So here’s the new poster:


Looks like HBO’s given up pretending that there’s any answer to the “Is Jon Snow dead?” question other than “No.” Or, if you’ve become so paranoid about the way that these shows manipulate us, you could wonder if this was a corpse. It could be a bluff. Or a double-bluff. Or a triple-bluff. Oh god, we have to stop questioning this so our heads don’t explode.

[via TV Line]

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