Heads Up with Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Kick

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Look, I am not very good at Soccer, although I always wanted to be. Nor, do I imagine, would I be that effective were aliens to attack. But I've had a hell of a lot of fun getting to do both playing Heads Up with Cristiano Ronaldo. It's a total kick, even if you're using your noodle instead of your feet.

What's it do?

You play Portuguese futebol superstar Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid fame, defending the world from an alien invasion by surrounding them with soccer balls and dropping them out of the sky. Link up three or more balls of the same color, and they fall down. Balls advance downward as you play, and past a certain point, everything comes crashing down on your head. You can earn gold coins to advance to higher stages, or spend that sweet in-game cash to buy your way in.


Why do we like it?

It's both casual and fast paced. It's the kind of game where I found myself holding my breath and playing and playing and playing. Actually, this post is late going up because I played too long. It will link up with your Facebook and Twitter friends as well as friends from your address book so you can compare scores. I noticed Justin Bieber (whom, yes, I follow on Twitter, thank you) has the high score among all my friends—and I think the second highest score overall—at 722,812. He's actually in first place on a couple of the locked levels. Top that.

Illustration for article titled Heads Up with Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Kick

Heads Up

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... That cartoon is not NEARLY tan enough!! And where are the waitress sex exploits? Single-father mini-games? COME ON.