Oh, crap! Your uncle Steve just blew an artillery shell in his hand, and he's been drinking beer all day but he's not bleeding that much. What do you do? Probably go to a hospital. But if you're not near one, you can use your smartphone to load up Health Tap get some advice from a reputable doctor.

What does it do?

It connects you with trustworthy medical professions answers all your health-related questions. If you need to see a doctor, it will show you options in your area, and you can request an appointment right on the app. Not sure you've got a proper diagnosis? You can get second and third opinions here too.


Why do we like it?

Your privacy is respected (in line with HIPPA laws), so when you chat with a doctor you know your sensitive conversation is secure. It's a time-saver, too, because you can use appointment prep tools to take care of your co-pay ahead of time and gauge how long the queue is in the waiting room. So next time you have a weird bunion you don't want to ask a friend about, you can do it privately, within an app.


Health Tap

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