Heartwarming Harness Lets Wheelchair-Bound Kids Walk Alongside an Adult

If you've ever held a little kid's hands while they stood and your feet and walked along with you, then you already understand the inspiration behind Debby Elnatan's Upsee—a harness that allows special needs children to finally walk with the help of an adult.

Available sometime next week from a company called Firefly (with pricing to be revealed tomorrow), the Upsee provides an additional level of mobility and freedom to children who would otherwise be relegated to a wheelchair. The harness attaches to an adult's waist, while a special set of double sandals tether both of the wearer's feet together so when one moves, the other does too.

The harness doesn't just walking. Kids can also enjoy sports like kicking a soccer ball around, and explore places a wheelchair might not have access to. It could probably even be used for rehabilitation purposes, helping an injured child slowly rebuild muscles in their legs as the learn to stand and walk again. [Firefly via Taxi]


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