Heating Elements Inside this Suitcase Kill Stowaway Bed Bugs

If there's one souvenir you don't want to return from a trip with, it's bed bugs. Those little pests are a nightmare to eradicate, so someone has created the perfect luggage for travelers who frequent seedy hotels. The ThermalStrike suitcase heats up inside once you get home, ensuring your clothes are bed bug-free when you eventually get around to unpacking.


Hidden beneath the ThermalStrike luggage's ($200 to $250) interior lining is a set of hidden heating elements that pretty much bake the contents of your suitcase for hours and hours when you get home from a trip. After plugging it in, the inside of the bag gets as hot as 140 degrees F, and when left long enough it ensures that any bed bugs, and their eggs, are completely dead.

It's like putting your belongings into quarantine after traveling, and it goes without saying that you might want to keep souvenirs like chocolate, and most of your toiletries and electronics in your carry-on bag lest they also be destroyed. [ThermalStrike Heated Technologies via Los Angeles Times]

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