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Heineken's Countertop Sub Chills Beer Colder Than Your Fridge Can

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our kitchens have become a warzone for beverage makers battling to get their drink dispensing appliances on our counters. Pod-based coffeemakers and soda carbonators have taken an early lead, but now Heineken's decided to enter the fray with a sleek beer dispenser called The Sub that promises to chill your suds to two degrees celsius—or about four degrees colder than your fridge can.

Designed by Marc Newson and built by Krups, the pressurized aluminum appliance gets its name from its submarine-like appearance, which Heineken has decided to run with. The Sub's refills come as metal cylinders filled with beer affectionately called Torps—short for torpedos—that are loaded through a hatch below the The Sub's tap.


The creation is essentially a fancier version of the tiny Heineken kegs you can already buy, but since it's able to chill the beer itself, it doesn't take up any space in your fridge. And while at launch the Sub's beer selection will be limited to Heineken affiliates like Desperados and Baffo D’Oro, eventually other brands should be available too if they don't mind being served through Heineken-branded hardware. There's no listed price yet, but whatever it is will be worth it for the chance to fire all torpedoes at your next poker night. [Heineken - The Sub via Core77]