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Helicopters Used to Fix Giant Wind Turbines

Illustration for article titled Helicopters Used to Fix Giant Wind Turbines

If you ever wondered how they get up there to fix those giant wind turbines, here's the answer: Helicopters. And absofreakingnuttely crazylala mechanics. Updated with crazy video.

That's an Eurocopter EC135, which is being used by Bond Air Services to do windmill farm maintenance in the United Kingdom. I'm sure they stop the windmill before going up-unless the stop mechanism is the thing that is broken-but looking a the scale of that little man going down, it's quite scary anyway.


And here I was, thinking they had elevators or really long stairs inside.

Update: As you can see in the crazy video, the reason is that these wind turbines are in the middle of the sea. [Flight Global-video thanks to GitEmSteveDave]

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You never really appreciate how huge these things are until some of us Lilliputian Sapiens climb aboard.