Helio To Update Plans Tomorrow?

Reader James writes in about possible upcoming Helio plans:

So I was reading through what seems to be a Helio sponsored community site: Heliofriends.com and one of the mods dropped that tomorrow a $200 rebate will kick in on the Kickflips through this site. Which means the Kickflips are free after the rebate.

Also, tomorrow is supposed to be the start day for a new price plan. $65 all-in data/500 min. This was also mentioned in a seperate thread.

Looks like they are trying to lower the price to bring some of the fence sitters down.


Pretty cool James. Part of us think they want to start lowering prices offer a new rate plan because of their lackluster subscriber numbers. Add to that the recent troubles of VK Mobile, the manufacturer of one of their two handsets, Helio may be in need of some cash.


Update: To clarify, the heliofriends.com site isn't associated with Helio. They're the ones offering the rebate—Helio has nothing to do with it. Also, the new $65 plan came about because some subscribers didn't need the 1000 minutes, so they made a $65 plan to sit between their $85 plan and the a-la carte. So, heliofriends isn't "helio sponsored", and they're not lowering rate plans. Just adding a new one.

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