Amuro, being Amuro, is mostly unsure if this cutesy little cat being can stop a war that has literally already claimed the lives of millions. He’s also horrified by the fact that, in his world, Kitty is a godlike being capable of deflecting beam blasts with love, and also transforming Mobile Suits into cute, chibi versions of themselves that don’t want to fight, but instead, hug.


Yes, Hello Kitty is a god who also invented the SD Gundam craze. I love it.

The whole thing is only about six minutes long, but it’s this incredible mix of absurdity and almost a sense of tragedy. As hopeful as Kitty and Amuro are at the end, they cannot succeed in a peaceful end to the Federation and Zeon’s conflict, because, well, the rest of the Universal Century Timeline happens. A handwave of sparkles here and an SD mecha there cannot undo the horror of war, try as Kitty might.

Amuro’s immediate reaction to this was to start shooting at some Zakus, so, you know. Well done, Amuro.
Image: Sanrio/Bandai

But also, it bears repeating: Hello Kitty is a God? She doesn’t need Amuro’s co-operation. She could atomize these Mobile Suits in a heartbeat. But at what cost to her soul?


I love it. I love it so much.

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