Hello Rewind Transforms Your Old T-Shirts Into Laptop Sleeves

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Hello Rewind is a company with two missions: to help recycle your old Mötley Crüe t-shirt into a kickass laptop sleeve, and to hire former sex trafficking victims to do it.

The process on your end is totally straightforward. Just buy a 13" or 15" laptop sleeve from Hello Rewind, and they'll send you a pre-paid envelope. Mail them back the shirt of your choice, and 4-8 weeks later your hilarious ironic garment will have magically transformed into a hilarious ironic laptop sleeve.

Well, okay, not magically. That process is more complicated. From Hello Rewind's website:

We want to show sex trafficking survivors that rescue is not the end and that there is hope for something better in their lives. We train and teach them in fundamental skills — sewing, English, business skills. Many of the laptop sleeves made through Hello Rewind are hand-crafted by sex trafficking survivors, and we hope that they become an integral part of our business operations. After supporting the sex trafficking suvivors involved with Hello Rewind, the remaining profits are recycled back into the company so that we can grow the business to support even more women.


So not only is it a great concept (I've already got eyes on a certain Wrestlemania III t-shirt that would be much better suited to protecting my Macbook Pro), it's helping people lead better lives. Win. [Hello Rewind via Fashionably Geek]

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How many women will be attracted to underground sex trafficking world for the lucrative Hello Rewind jobs?